Lifestream me

I’ve been messing around with social networks for a long while now, so I was quick to see the need for a lifestream before most of my friends. In fact, most of my friends still don’t see why they would want one. Because of this, I thought I’d delve into some thoughts on why having […]

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A guide to teaching on Twitter

In the next year, Twitter will likely see a huge boom in useful educational content. Users, sick to death of reading RTs (retweets) of motivational quotes and breaking news, will want to follow Tweeps who can deliver unique, interesting, useful information in bite-sized chunks. In my own quest to learn French, I found myself searching […]

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Obituary for Pownce

A celebration of the life of Pownce, the niche social network which has now lost its battle for survival. With Pownce officially leaving us for good on the 15th December, I thought it was time to share my thoughts on the life of Pownce. Pownce was a quirky, geek-oriented social network. We loved it for […]

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