Le manuel de la vie privée sur Facebook en Français!

I’m very happy to share with you a French translation of my Facebook Privacy manual (the English version I mentioned here and is available on MakeUseOf here).

The French Facebook Privacy Manual is available care of Flavien Chantrel, Anne-Laure Raffestin and Le Blog du Modérateur on Scribd.

Many thanks to Anne-Laure for co-ordinating this translation and doing such a fantastic job!

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3 thoughts on “Le manuel de la vie privée sur Facebook en Français!”

  1. Why do we need to register to facebook if we want to get the document ?

    Typically, this is a document to read BEFORE registering. Can’t we shared this document elsewhere ?

    1. The file is hosted on Scribd (not my choice – this is the choice of the people who translated it into French). Scribd makes it easy for people to sign up and read files with a Facebook login, however it is possible to sign up without a Facebook account.


      In the top right, click on “Sign Up”, then choose the “I don’t have a Facebook Account” option.


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