Twitter says “Hello Mikeyy”

Watching Twitter at the moment is quite interesting as the Mikeyy worm is going around for the fourth time. TechCrunch has an update on how to get rid of it, but the gist is “Change your url, bio & hex colours, then log in/out and clear cache/cookies. To avoid infection, don’t look at people’s profiles in Twitter. Don’t follow any shortened links as they often point to infected profiles. “

Sadly, for the people who have an infection in their username, they are probably going to lose their username if they change their url. I hope they can get their names back later.

There are other interesting things afoot. Mikeyy very recently posted his phone number and said Twitter should hire him. Perhaps this is true – it can be very sensible to hire the people who know how to hack your system. But Twitter users are starting to suggest calling this number en masse as a form of internet vigilantism. Could get messy.

But, what I find really interesting is that Twitter can’t seem to fix this in any hurry. Mikeyy obviously isn’t malicious. He has power over a lot of accounts right now and isn’t doing anything too nasty (yet). But he has the potential to turn nasty and wreak havoc for Twitter. But, Mikeyy is just the warning. I bet a whole heap of nasty people are watching this worm with glee and planning their evil takeover.

Worse still, what if the super-nasties make their worm look just like Mikeyy? What if the response is a lot of people going “Don’t worry, just log out and clear your cookies” when it’s actually a far more serious threat?