Socialmoth is now SpeedDate? WTF?

It’s Christmas day and all of a sudden I get an email to say that my Facebook profile shows me as having a dating app on my profile. Seriously, how many people do you think will have a hard time explaining this to their spouses?

Thanks for using Socialmoth Secrets. We are excited to announce that, as of next week, Socialmoth Secrets’s name and functionality will be changed to SpeedDate. Data entered into the original app won’t be used anymore. Soon you’ll be able to try SpeedDate, the fastest way to meet new people, so stay tuned!
Socialmoth Secrets

P.S. If you want to opt-out of this app, instructions can be found here.

By the time I received the email the SpeedDate app was listed as one of my apps. It looks like what they’ve done in reality is to subscribe all Socialmoth users to their new app, SpeedDate, and then plan to delete the SocialMoth app in the next week.

I think Facebook should have a few more rules about what an application is allowed to do. Especially when it comes to changing the name and/or the fundamental nature of what the app is about. Socialmoth (which was kind of like Postsecret for Facebook) just changed to SpeedDate. Hell, Facebook doesn’t let people change the names of groups – even if they spell something wrong! Why should an app be allowed to change so drastically? Facebook should make apps stick to the same strict rules as groups.. or at least have their name change approved by Facebook.

The trick of subscribing all current users to a new app should also be banned.


I believe that by changing the name and nature of the application from SocialMoth to SpeedDate they have falsely represented themselves. I think this counts as a violation of the Facebook Application Developer Terms and Conditions. I strongly recommend that anyone who was a Socialmoth user reports both SocialMoth and SpeedDate.

Obituary for Pownce

Image via Wikipedia

A celebration of the life of Pownce, the niche social network which has now lost its battle for survival.

With Pownce officially leaving us for good on the 15th December, I thought it was time to share my thoughts on the life of Pownce.

Pownce was a quirky, geek-oriented social network. We loved it for its concentric circle theme and elegant simplicity. With privacy options that really worked, we adored that network with all our hearts.

We all believed that with Kevin Rose (of DIGG) at the helm it was destined for great things. But, alas, its life was cut short by a convenient sell-out.

Life really got exciting for Pownce in the middle of 2007, when Mashable ran a glowing feature article about the network. With further exposure, this period of time was the highlight of Pownce’s brief, glorious life.

The fans will certainly mourn the loss of such talent for years to come.

Pownce is survived by Vox, the preferred social network of Pownce’s parent Six Apart.

In lieu of flowers, please take the time to visit Vox and nurture the surviving sibling.